Important Announcement from SF H&I

San Francisco H&I is flourishing!

We are serving 34 facilities. Between them, we have 520 volunteers taking 61 meetings into the jails, hospitals, and recovery facilities.

However, we are being asked to provide more meetings than we can fill and need more volunteers. There are currently 78 open commitments between our three service areas. We are also focusing on the need of H&I group representatives.  These volunteers carry all the H&I updates to the A.A. meetings they serve. Our goal is to have a group rep for every A.A. meeting in San Francisco.

As far as open positions on our committee, we’re in need of an Outreach Chair and an Intergroup Liaison. Plus, a variety of service positions are available.

Come get involved! 


Thank you to all those who have stepped up over the past year to serve in H&I and to those who continue to serve!