Important Announcement from Marin H&I

Marin H&I has openings!

Marin H&I started the year with several vacant positions on the volunteers roster.  As with San Francisco, many of the facilities were not receiving meetings from H&I because of our lack of participation.

Over the past year we have seen a lot of interest in H&I and a slow but steady increase in participation.  Some of the open positions have been filled and there are more meetings going into our facilities than there were  at the beginning of the year.

Although there has been improvement there are still several open secretary positions at Casa Renee, Marin General, Canyon Manor, and the Marin County Jail, men’s and woman’s.  

Please continue to put the word out that H&I is in need of volunteers and that taking a commitment is a great way to be of service.

Get involved!


Thank you to all those who have stepped up over the past year to serve in H&I and to those who continue to serve!