A Message from NorCal H&I

As of September 2017, the H&I Committee has a negative year-to-date operating cash flow. This a result of:

  1. decreased Pink Can contributions from certain Areas and 
  2. increased requests for literature (in quite a few instances from the same Areas which have reduced their contributions). 

Sadly, in order to return to a fiscally responsible cash flow, we now need to reduce the literature orders we’re able to fill. We are asking all groups to be aware of the current financial situation in case they decided to stop passing the Pink Cans under the mistaken impression that H&I has too much money. 

Detailed financial information can be found on the Finances page of our website www.handinorcal.org and you can send a question to any member of our committee from the Contact page.

As always, we very gratefully thank you for your contributions.