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San Francisco Meeting Schedule

Marin Meeting Schedule

Designation Key:

ASL = American Sign Language BG = Beginners
BB = Big Book BK = Book Study
CC = Childcare CH = Chip Meeting
CHM = Chips: Monthly CHW = Chips: Weekly
CL = Closed - For those with a desire to stop drinking only 7D = Daily
DI = Discussion ES = Espanol
GY = Gay LS = Lesbian
MD = Meditation ME = Men
5D = Mon-Fri 6D = Mon-Sat
SR = Speaker SD = Speaker/Discussion
SS = Step Study ST = Steps & Traditions
TR = Traditions Study TG = Transgender
WH = Wheelchair Access WO = Women
YP = Young People

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Day Time Area Meeting Name Location Details
Mon 8:30 PM Mission Spiritual Awakenings Step Study 1156 Valencia St \ 23rd St
Was meeting at 7:30PM.
Fri 7:00 PM Nob Hill Beginners Speaker Discussion 900 Hyde St \ Pine St
Was called Beginners 12 & 12. Was designated BG BK CH GY SD .

Day Time Area Meeting Name Location Details
Sat 8:30 PM Inner Sunset Jaywalkers 1320 7th Ave. \ Irving

Day Time Area Meeting Name Location Details
Thu 6:45 PM San Rafael Thursday Night Women's Step Study 9 Ross Valley Dr \ Greenfield
Was meeting at 7:00PM.